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  • Did you know your home leaks?
  • Did you know your heating and cooling system is the most costly equipment in your home?
  • Did you know you could be spending money to cool the outside of your home too? 


   One has a moldly and wet smelling crawlspace with high utilities.  One has serious dust that is causing the owners to be sick and has high utilities.  Another has leaks throughout the structure that is making the utilities plummet. And one of these homes has clean, healthy air with efficient equipment, low utility bills and the owners are very happy they used Masingill Clean Air.   

 Is it just a guessing game?

NO! By testing your home we stop the guess work.  We stop the unknown.  With the Negative Pressure Test we can identify leaks in your home that are sending your dollars out the door...literally.  We will be able to pinpoint through our modern equipment exactly where the leaks are that might be causing your home to be insufficient and where bad air is coming in or the good air is going out.

So, how efficient is my home? You can own every high efficient equipment and appliance for your home; heat pump, washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, but if your home leaks too much it won't matter how efficient those others are.

What's the value of our test? If this test could help you save up to 50% what would you save?  Not only that, but what if this test could help find ways to create a cleaner, more healthy, home for you and your family.  Obviously the value goes beyond a number.

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When you call, ask about Our super insulated ductwork. It can literally cut your utility bill in half (saving you up to 50%)